Aryan Hospital deals with all problems of joints and Spine. As we live more and more but reside much more unhealthy lives our needs on the joint and rear are increasing. All studies are currently pointing towards Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis as being the most popular ailment in the populace and rapidly increasing in numbers. We provide an advisor lead service even in crises. The frame of our multi-specialty hospital offers complete support in management of all patients that have other medical issues alongside.

Our team is frequently involved in surgeries like Joint replacements / Spinal operations and Arthroscopy surgeries. Our Orthopedic Surgeon in Gurgaon are trained abroad for joint replacement surgeries. Orthopaedics is possibly among the most energetic fields in medication with new inventions and changes coming in daily. Our team allows pooling in abilities of several distinguished surgeons all working together to enhance the standard of patient care.


The team comprises highly trained and qualified surgeons performing Spinal surgery. Our team using its revolutionary approach and detailed program has assisted many such patients that have been previously debilitated with these kinds of issues. The principal emphasis has been around Spinal issues in the older including compression fractures and nerve wracking tightness. We are also performing deformity corrections, even in young children. Together with physiotherapy, these applications have gone a very long way to relieve these issues. With interventions which range from Medicine to easy back shots to injection of bone cement to disk removal to spinal stabilization, this team has done everything.


With the Asian people being particularly prone to this issue, there’s multitude of these patients coming into the hospital. From straightforward key-hole operations to replacement of the entire knee, the team possesses all of the skills. The team runs an extremely successful program with among the lowest infection rate and nearly slight blood transfusion requirement. The pain management is also rather unique with many individuals walking after the 2-3 days of their knee replacement. Sports medicine and arthroscopy with cartilage treatment & ligament reconstruction are just another strong field of experience in our clinic.


Many youth conditions tend to be under diagnosed contributing to arthritis of the hip at a really young age. Reduction of blood supply to hip is another frequent condition. We’ve tried on several instances to maintain hip either via bone realignment or replacement, as
needed. Many a hip ruined by injuries also have been worked successfully in our hospital. The team is utilizing modern implants that have a capability to last even 20-30 decades.


That is possibly one area that has really got improved and enlarged from recent growth in knowledge and technology. Complex conditions like dislocation shoulder, muscular tears, frozen shoulder can now be carried out by staying in hospital for only 1 day. Salvage operation in the kind of reverse shoulder replacement have been done more commonly and of course shoulder replacement. The usage of physiotherapy as a significant replacement for surgical intervention was perfected in our clinic.


The simple truth is that we aren’t secure either in our homes or on roads or on the job. That is an accident occurring every minute large or little. Our Orthopaedic team can be found on telephone 24 X 7. We tackle small injury management like finger fractures to important pelvic bone fractures to even spinal cord injuries. The interplay amongst staff members leaves no space for any inadequacy of therapy. Possessing all types in hospital for example general surgeons, plastic surgeons, and critical care group physicians available is a massive advantage for more than all patient care. We even have doctors and surgeons who specialize in care of their senior citizens


Probably the greatest buzz in the orthopedic world is that the untapped potential of stem cells and Platelet rich plasma treatment. We provide consultation to the patient require advise on an outpatient basis.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Back Surgery?

Recovery time from back surgery depends on certain factors and the types of surgeries.


  • Number of spinal levels being operated on
  • Whether or not having a fusion
  • Your age
  • Invasiveness of your surgeons’ techniques

Recovery after different surgeries

  • After a foraminotomy or discectomy, you may recover in a few weeks.
  • After laminectomy and fusion surgery, it requires 3-4 months to 1 year for your bones to heal completely.
  • After a spinal fusion, you can probably resume non-strenuous work in 4-6 weeks if you’re young or in 4-6 months if you’re older and had more extensive surgery.

Post-surgery duration of resuming your activities

  • You can walk only short distances for the first 2 weeks.
  • You may be able to climb up or down the stairs only once daily for the first 1-2 weeks if it isn’t painful or uncomfortable.
  • Throughout your healing process, don’t carry or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, like small children or grocery bags.
  • You may drive on short trips after the first 2 weeks only if your surgeon lets you.

Overall, avoid any kind of strenuous activities after your surgery until your doctor allows you.