Our dedicated team of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons is committed to restoring your mobility and enabling you to live life to the fullest. As we enjoy longer lives, the demands on our joints and spine have increased, with Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis becoming increasingly prevalent. Our multi-specialty hospital ensures comprehensive care, even for patients with concurrent medical conditions. Specializing in joint replacements, spinal operations, and arthroscopy surgeries, our internationally trained orthopedic surgeons bring a wealth of expertise to Gurgaon. We are dedicated to continually improving patient care through collaboration with renowned surgeons.


Our orthopedic team is at the forefront of advanced spinal surgery. We’ve pioneered a revolutionary approach and customized programs that have truly revolutionized the lives of patients struggling with debilitating spinal issues. Our expertise spans a wide range of spinal problems, with a particular focus on the elderly, addressing issues like compression fractures and nerve compression. Moreover, we specialize in deformity corrections, even in young children, and employ holistic solutions involving physiotherapy. Whether it’s through medications, minimally invasive injections, bone cement procedures, disc removal, or spinal stabilization, our dedicated team offers comprehensive solutions for all your spinal concerns.


We lead the way in knee, hip, shoulder, and trauma care. With a significant portion of the Asian population susceptible to knee issues, we offer exceptional skills, from minimally invasive keyhole procedures to full knee replacements, renowned for low infection rates and rapid post-surgery mobility. Our hip surgery expertise focuses on preserving the hip, addressing underdiagnosed youth conditions, and ensuring longevity with modern implants. In shoulder surgery, we offer one-day treatments for complex conditions and have perfected physiotherapy as a surgical alternative. Our 24/7 trauma care addresses a range of injuries, and our sports medicine includes regenerative therapies for a quicker recovery.


Many youth conditions tend to be under diagnosed contributing to arthritis of the hip at a really young age. Reduction of blood supply to hip is another frequent condition. We’ve tried on several instances to maintain hip either via bone realignment or replacement, as
needed. Many a hip ruined by injuries also have been worked successfully in our hospital. The team is utilizing modern implants that have a capability to last even 20-30 decades.


That is possibly one area that has really got improved and enlarged from recent growth in knowledge and technology. Complex conditions like dislocation shoulder, muscular tears, frozen shoulder can now be carried out by staying in hospital for only 1 day. Salvage operation in the kind of reverse shoulder replacement have been done more commonly and of course shoulder replacement. The usage of physiotherapy as a significant replacement for surgical intervention was perfected in our clinic.


The simple truth is that we aren’t secure either in our homes or on roads or on the job. That is an accident occurring every minute large or little. Our Orthopedic team can be found on telephone 24 X 7. We tackle small injury management like finger fractures to important pelvic bone fractures to even spinal cord injuries. The interplay amongst staff members leaves no space for any inadequacy of therapy. Possessing all types in hospital for example general surgeons, plastic surgeons, and critical care group physicians available is a massive advantage for more than all patient care. We even have doctors and surgeons who specialize in care of their senior citizens