Avoiding Obesity in Children is Essential

There is a dramatic increase in the number of overweight children in the past few years. The problem is like an epidemic that is affecting every part of the world. If a child is obese at a young age, it is very likely to become severe as he/she grows up. It exposes children to many health and medical issues. Many chronic problems like heart disease, diabetes, and fatty liver affect the normal growth and development of children. Often children become gloomy, develop stress and lose self-esteem. 

Highly qualified and experienced doctors at the Aryan Hospital provide counseling and guidance for maintaining healthy body weight. The doctors talk with children compassionately. This helps in boosting their confidence and motivating them to follow weight loss programs. Sometimes the reason for obesity is related to some medical issues. Our experts pinpoint the underlying cause and provide precise treatment to improve the condition. Personalized care and attention are given to each patient to ensure superior outcomes.


Causes of Obesity in Children

In most cases, children put on excess weight due to genetics, a passive lifestyle, and unhealthy eating patterns. Often a combination of these factors contributes to childhood obesity. In rare cases, the condition could be a result of a hormonal problem or other medical conditions. Blood tests and physical examination can help rule out these factors and helps in identifying the exact cause of weight gain.


Health Risks associated with Obesity

Excess weight subjects your children to many severe health problems and diseases. These conditions include hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, bone problems, and skin problems like heat rash, acne, etc. Apart from these, being overweight also restrict your movement. It hinders your child’s daily activities. Weight gain is a vicious cycle. You gain weight due to passive life and weight gain increases dullness and inactivity leading to more weight gain. Often children are seen to develop insecurities and feel distressed. 


Avoiding Obesity in Children

Irrespective of the reason for childhood obesity, you can prevent it by taking consultation at Aryan Hospital and by following simple steps. Even if obesity is due to medical issues, you can adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits to control the condition.

  • Instead of focussing only on the child make it a family affair. Improve the eating and activity habits of the entire family over time. This helps you in leading by example and does not make the child feel lonely or ill.
  • Reduce the time your child spends before the screen. Limit TV and computer timing to less than one to two hours per day.
  • Ensure your child eats only when hunger and switch to healthy snack for munching.
  • Do not use food as an award for encouragement or as punishment for drifting from the routine.
  • Encourage your child to drink plenty of water.