The Aryan hospital is one of the most renowned and the best critical care in Gurgaon. Critical care or Intensive care is the most significant medical facility meant for patients who are critically unwell. Such patients may need assistance for instability (hypertension/hypotension), respiratory or airway support (ventilator support), cardiac arrhythmias and acute renal failure. Patients who are in a dire need for intensive/invasive monitoring, like in the critical hours after major surgery or patients who are deemed to be unstable for transferring to a less intensively monitored unit can also be put in the intensive care units.

At Aryan Hospital, the department of critical care medicine is a blend of various specialities and technologies, that offers the survival possibility to patients who are acutely and critically ill. ICU management depends upon the fact that regular organization of Critical Care services affects important overall result measures like length of stay and infection rates and mortality. We have a great team of medical expertise and state of the art infrastructure, placing its services as the best critical care services available in India.

At Aryan Hospital, a lot of attention is paid in areas such as standardizing care through clinical pathways, training of paramedical staff and the association of ethical and economic issues concerning the Critical Care, which makes it the best critical care hospital in Gurgaon.