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Causes of Infertility in Male and Female


The ability to conceive a child is fertility. Most of the couples are able to achieve pregnancy within a year of trying and some achieve the same during the second year. When you need to seek aid or consultation from the best IVF treatment in Gurgaon is case-specific. In general, if you are not able to conceive in a year, you should consult an IVF specialist in Gurgaon. It is also important to understand that infertility does not mean that you cannot have your child. Nearly half of the couples battling with infertility are able to conceive through medical intervention. The [...]

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Treatment Options for Low Sperm Motility


Infertility or not being able to conceive your child would be disheartening and intimidating for anybody. It is the biggest nightmare for any couple. There are several reasons which can lead to infertility. Unlike the common consensus, the inability to conceive can be attributed to both the partners, male and female. Infertility in males can be as much a hurdle in achieving parenthood as infertility in females. The best way to overcome the problem is to accept the facts and get the appropriate treatment. No matter what the underlying issue is, the recent medical science and technological developments have the answer [...]

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Cell Phone and Sperm: Do they really affect your fertility?


We are in profound, submitted (likely mutually dependent) associations with our telephones. There are many convincing motivations to restrain our telephone use, from showing signs of improvement rest to anticipating "tech neck." And indeed, really looking at outsiders. There is additionally a case that steady presentation to cell phone radiation could contrarily affect sperm quality, possibly causing ripeness issues in men. This hypothesis has a few so went nuts that a German organization began producing clothing that professes to assimilate 98 percent of wireless radiation and 70 percent of Wifi radiation.  Numerous significant factors are thought about when examining sperm wellbeing [...]

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