Project Description

Rectal prolapse refers to a debilitating condition where the rectum, which is the last segment of your large intestines, pushes through your anus. The condition can start from a mild state where it can be treated without any operative procedure, to even the most severe type where only surgery can be ideal for treatment. Rectal prolapse is divided into three different types depending upon the severity and level till which the rectum has pushed through the anus. In internal prolapse, the rectum is at its beginning stages of dropping and, thus, has not pushed through the anus yet. Partial prolapse, which is the other type is the one where only a certain part of the rectum has dropped and pushed out from the anus. Ultimately where the entire rectum has extended out through the anus is termed as complete prolapse.

At Aryan Hospital, there are a team highly qualified medical practitioners who explain the fact that rectal prolapse occurs mainly due to the weakening or loss of the normal support system and structures of the rectum. However, the condition can arise due to various other factors like severe constipation or chronic diarrhoea. If you have a history of straining during bowel movements then it could also be a risk factor contributing to rectal prolapse. Another significant cause of this condition is old age. As one age their muscles also tend to grow old and ligaments which are capable of supporting the rectum and anal canal. This weakening raises the chances of the old people getting rectal prolapse.

This situation in effect leads to the person face a number of symptoms that include rectal bleeding, changes in bowel habits, mucus drainage, and many more. However, these symptoms become obvious slowly, but the few noticeable changes may be feeling a bulging in your anus. When the rectum falls and pushes through the anus it leads to the formation of a ball-like bulge that can be felt whenever they sit. additionally, normal physical activity such as running or walking can also lead to the rectum pushing its way out the anus. At its initial stages, the prolapse can be pushed back by using your hand. Practised surgeons, however, advise you to take medical help once the prolapse heightens beyond the partial and complete stage.

Aryan Hospital has several trained experts who are the most skilled and proficient in the field when it is about taking care of rectal prolapse. The diagnosis can be performed in a number of different ways such as by anal electromyography (EMG) that defines the extent of damage on the nerves in the anus, anal manometry that is helpful in studying the strength of the anal sphincter muscles, anal ultrasound that can determine the shape of the anal sphincter muscles as well as the neighbouring tissues, and much more. With the help of these tests, the experts can decide easily regarding the best treatment method based on the results they get.

Rectal prolapse cannot get better if left untreated. The condition can worsen over time. However, after a proper diagnosis, the patient can postpone the treatment if the symptoms of the condition are not very severe. Surgery, however, can give the most encouraging and long-lasting results as a part of treatment. Surgery is done either through the abdomen or the anal region. Surgery done through the anal region is only granted for patients who are unfit for surgical access via the abdomen. At Aryan Hospital, laparoscopic rectopexy is amongst the best surgeries that are used for successfully treating a rectal prolapse. Access is gained via the abdomen and the rectum re positioned correctly inside the pelvis. The expert surgeons in the hospital also advise patients on ways to manage their post-operative recovery for the best results.